November 17, 2009

Things That I Love!

Every once in a while you just come across things that you love and you want to share them, what better place than a blog.  This weekend, I came across an idea I just love opposed to an item, it’s going to sound corny, but it’s Title IX.

Let me explain, I have a daughter who loves soccer.  She is good at it and doesn’t think twice that she isn’t as good as anyone else, no matter what their gender is.  Pumpkin knows that she has a shot to play soccer for a long time if she wants to, there is no doubt in her mind.  In contrast, when I grew up, if there was a boys high school team, there probably wasn’t an equivalent girls soccer team, because my generation was just receiving the benefits of Title IX.  Now, I didn’t mind, while I grew up, I really just didn’t notice it.  I occurred to me recently while watching my daughter play.  I realized one of the reasons I didn’t continue playing after 7th grade was because there just weren’t any teams to play on.  All the Rec boys went on to high school sports, and there wasn’t a pitch for the girls to join.  Never mind enough girls to make a team, since we all played co-ed at the time.  I’ll say it’s still not perfect, but the girls have access to the locker rooms, the coaches, the weight rooms, the fields, and a number of other things that weren’t guaranteed before and they all do so well.

Which leads me to this weekend.  Pumpkin and I drove to Columbus, to watch our local High School Varsity Girls Soccer Team win the State Championships.  It was an inspiration, these girls owned the field, they played tough and there was no question that they belonged there.  I just want to thank everyone who paved the way and fought for Title IX, otherwise these girls wouldn’t be on the field paving the way for my daughter wherever the road takes her.  Go Bees!


Medina Millers said...

I grew up a few years after you and we began seeing some of the benefits of Title IX, but I never felt like sports were something girls did. I am so proud of my daughter and her talent. I am also jealous of the opportunities soccer will give her that I never had--not the least of which is hopefully a foundation of fitness that can last a lifetime. Watching the Girls Varsity team on their run this year was wonderful. I hope one day we can sit in those same stands in Columbus and watch my daughter and then your daughter accomplish the same thing!!

hurstburst said...