November 24, 2009

The Debate

So I have three kids, I talk about them in my blog, but I'm not comfortable using their names.  So I have been calling them Pumpkin, Sport, and Tiger, which my husband loves.  However, according to the blogging experts, people would rather read real names, so I have been contemplating pseudonyms.  Some of the choices are Kirsten, Nina, Han, Leif, or Daniel. 

So, now I come to you for advice.  Should I keep the nicknames or should I rename my children?  If you choose to rename them what name do you like the best?


Medina Millers said...

How about Padme, Luke, and Han?? Or maybe Leia. All real names and they would work for your kids!!

hurstburst said...

Yeah, what she said! Love that!