February 19, 2009


What else is there to say, I love this photo. You can customize any of your photo's at http://obamiconme.pastemagazine.com/

February 17, 2009

Swedish Sandwich

It’s funny how things stick with you. I was reading The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, by a Stieg Larsson and it gave me the funniest craving. This book is placed in Sweden, and one of the constants in this book was the main character trips to the local Konsum (a grocery store chain) and picking out items for a sandwich. This book made me crazy for a good open face sandwich. After a trip to Ikea I was able to get my craving satisfied. Here’s a picture of a perfect open faced liversausage sandwich on real bread, with a Swedish pickle and mayonnaise on top. It was wonderful; it just shows there is more to Swedish food than meatballs and Lutefisk, even though I know most people aren’t huge fans of liver sausage. I on the other hand really enjoyed my lunch.

February 11, 2009

Knitting Graffiti

On a visit to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, I came across this piece of knitting graffiti. I love this is. It's a rebellious hug. I think this site started the movement http://www.stickkontakt.blogspot.com/, these knitters have a zest for life.

Let's Try This Again

I meant to make this a blog about different craft projects I have completed by myself or with the kids. It didn't quite go as planned. So I'm starting over.

Here is one of the projects the kids and I did during Christmas. We decided to decorate our new evergreen tree in the backyard with Oranges, apples and cranberries. It was a great project for my kids and their cousins from the age of 12 to 5. Even my five year old was able to poke a hole in the cranberries and make a few strands.