February 17, 2009

Swedish Sandwich

It’s funny how things stick with you. I was reading The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, by a Stieg Larsson and it gave me the funniest craving. This book is placed in Sweden, and one of the constants in this book was the main character trips to the local Konsum (a grocery store chain) and picking out items for a sandwich. This book made me crazy for a good open face sandwich. After a trip to Ikea I was able to get my craving satisfied. Here’s a picture of a perfect open faced liversausage sandwich on real bread, with a Swedish pickle and mayonnaise on top. It was wonderful; it just shows there is more to Swedish food than meatballs and Lutefisk, even though I know most people aren’t huge fans of liver sausage. I on the other hand really enjoyed my lunch.

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Anonymous said...

I just got done reading this book and all I've been craving is a Swedish open faced sandwich,it's crazy!