October 23, 2011


I’m in the midst of my annual flurry of making Halloween costumes.  At the moment, I’m struggling to make a dress for my daughter.  While working on the dress, I realized I never blogged about last year’s costumes.  So here they are:
Last year, was the year of Harry Potter.  My daughter and her friends read all the books, watched all the movies all in preparation for the release of the “Deathly Hollows, Part I” film to be released.  To coincide with the release the kids all dressed up as characters from the Harry Potter movies.  Instead of choosing Hermione, my daughter choose to be Bellatrix LaStrange and what a great villain she was.
They could be twins, don’t you think?
Bellatrix Lestrange

The Bellatrix costume wasn’t so bad.  The skirt was harder to sew than I anticipated.  Her jacket was a Goodwill find, and her shirt was embellished with silver fabric paint.  Overall, fairly easy for a wizard costume.
My oldest son wanted to be an Ewok from Star Wars.  An Ewok???? How do you make that costume?  And not make it too cute!
imagesIn the end, I adapted a bear pattern, and with a few embellishments:  A hood made out of fleece, a fabric print belt, and a bear turns into a cute, but fierce Ewok.  
Not to bad. I have to say.  All the Dads, who were out trick-or-treating, thought his costume rocked.
Hopefully, in a few days, I’ll have this year’s crop of costumes for you.

September 14, 2011

Magical Moment of the Day

While describing the day’s craziness to a friend, on the phone, I drove by a young doe walking by a fence, about to hide in some trees.

September 8, 2011

This is Why I had a Third Child

Years ago, a friend of mine showed me the crankypants website.  There were the cutest knitted baby pants, are they not?



However, I didn’t have a baby or even a toddler.  Michael was a very cool four –year-old, that no matter what the reward would NEVER EVER put on those pants.  I longed for these pants, they are a knitters dream project.  Just cute and spunky at the same time.

Well, a few years later, lo a behold,I now have John.  After months of hard work (I will not fess up exactly how long) the shorts are done.  He may not be crawling, but he’s still a toddler!  John loves his new monster shorts and at two-and-half years of age, he wears them with pride!  Whew, got them done just in time, before he grew to old and before the weather turned.  Because I don’t think a fourth child would happen, just so I could knit these pants!  Because quite frankly, three is enough.





I have to thank Purlbee for helping me figure out what type of pants I wanted to knit and Smoochie helped me figure out the pattern for the face. Now off to the next project~

June 10, 2011


One day, while enjoying a few moments alone shopping at Marshalls.  Yes, I never thought I’d enjoy shopping by myself, after 8 p.m. in a store.  But sometimes, when you’re by yourself and the shopping cart, strolling through a store, you can actually breathe.  I digress.  I found a Tapas book for $3.99.

Tapas?  I’ve heard about them, but what are they? I picked up the book, to find out there was a secret tapas lover hiding in my soul.  They’re like appetizers, but really they are the whole meal, just little quick courses.  Not to heavy, easy, and oh so good.
So I’ve instituted Tapas/Appetizer Fridays.  Which has happened once in the last 7 or 8 weeks.  I try, someday when the planets align it’ll happen again.  We enjoyed “Porterhouse Steak with Sherry,” it was tender and delicious.  The stuffed tomatoes were scrumptious, believe it or not the kids liked the Tapas more than they liked the mini pizza bites.  Which brings me to today.
At 4:30 today, while defrosting the chicken that I had forgotten to taken out.  Thinking to myself “what am I going to make for dinner?” I realize, that not only was my daughter hosting a sleepover after my son’s 6:15 soccer game, but I had rescheduled his piano lesson for 5:30 (oops).  What am I going to make in 30 minutes?  Panic!  What am I going to do?  I will just die if we do fast food again (whine).  Ah ha! Tapas book to the rescue.  I was able to throw together “Chicken in Lemon and Garlic,” home made Cole slaw, and some Watermelon slices.  Dinner was on the table at 5:05 and we were out the door on time.  Yes, miracles can happen.
The Tornado warning part of the story can wait Winking smile

May 14, 2011

What’s Wrong With The Breck Girl Look?

The act of blow drying my daughter’s hair, has been an act of torture for both her and I FOREVER.  I brush and she screams, I yell, we huff and we puff, it is a regular old nightmare.  Tonight, the light bulb finally went off.  She’s going for this look:


While, as a child of the 80’s, I’m going for this:


Really, truth be said, I’d love to see this:

Brooke Shields Breck shampoo

Sigh, I guess there will have to be some compromise found.  I understand the Susan Dey look, but really is there anything wrong with being a Breck Girl?


* For those of you who know me.  Yes, I realize I would have hated being a “Breck Girl.” I recognize the hypocrisy.

April 8, 2011


They say color effects your mood, I think I proved it this week.  Or at least color affects your attitude.  That’s especially true, when you add childhood indoctrination.  Monday morning, I looked in the morning and I realized I was wearing green and black, i.e. I looked like one of these guys:



Gais YUCK!!!!!!  These guys stink more than a 2 year-olds diaper.  They are the antithesis of good.  They are pure E.V.I.L.  You know, how the Steelers are, but worse.  Yes, I live in Cleveland.  I would say my Swedish cousins indoctrination would have made Pravda proud.  I soaked it up as a little 5 year-old.  I think I was feed of anti Gais bottle of milk, and told that IFK Blåvitt were the Angels.  I haven’t seen a Swedish football match in years and years, but I know these truths to be true.

So Monday morning, I looked in the morning and “Yuck” came out of my mouth.  As a result, one kid was sick, our TV died (it has resurrected though, for now) another kid had a second round of antibiotics, one kid was stung by a bee in his cleat, everything took forever, etc. and all because I choose to wear a green shirt with black pants.  Now, if I had worn blue and white, it would have been a much better week.  I would have looked like one of these guys…the good guys.


April 3, 2011

April’s Fool

This year I took it easy and served up some tomato soup for the kiddos.

tomato soup

With a little banana pudding and some spray food coloring and there you have it.