April 8, 2011


They say color effects your mood, I think I proved it this week.  Or at least color affects your attitude.  That’s especially true, when you add childhood indoctrination.  Monday morning, I looked in the morning and I realized I was wearing green and black, i.e. I looked like one of these guys:



Gais YUCK!!!!!!  These guys stink more than a 2 year-olds diaper.  They are the antithesis of good.  They are pure E.V.I.L.  You know, how the Steelers are, but worse.  Yes, I live in Cleveland.  I would say my Swedish cousins indoctrination would have made Pravda proud.  I soaked it up as a little 5 year-old.  I think I was feed of anti Gais bottle of milk, and told that IFK Blåvitt were the Angels.  I haven’t seen a Swedish football match in years and years, but I know these truths to be true.

So Monday morning, I looked in the morning and “Yuck” came out of my mouth.  As a result, one kid was sick, our TV died (it has resurrected though, for now) another kid had a second round of antibiotics, one kid was stung by a bee in his cleat, everything took forever, etc. and all because I choose to wear a green shirt with black pants.  Now, if I had worn blue and white, it would have been a much better week.  I would have looked like one of these guys…the good guys.


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