September 8, 2011

This is Why I had a Third Child

Years ago, a friend of mine showed me the crankypants website.  There were the cutest knitted baby pants, are they not?



However, I didn’t have a baby or even a toddler.  Michael was a very cool four –year-old, that no matter what the reward would NEVER EVER put on those pants.  I longed for these pants, they are a knitters dream project.  Just cute and spunky at the same time.

Well, a few years later, lo a behold,I now have John.  After months of hard work (I will not fess up exactly how long) the shorts are done.  He may not be crawling, but he’s still a toddler!  John loves his new monster shorts and at two-and-half years of age, he wears them with pride!  Whew, got them done just in time, before he grew to old and before the weather turned.  Because I don’t think a fourth child would happen, just so I could knit these pants!  Because quite frankly, three is enough.





I have to thank Purlbee for helping me figure out what type of pants I wanted to knit and Smoochie helped me figure out the pattern for the face. Now off to the next project~

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