March 15, 2011

What’s A Hero

In my mind heroes are: the firemen that ran into the Twin Towers on 9/11, the policeman who saved a battered woman or child, a soldier, an astronaut,  a teacher who provides a snack for a needy student, etc.  Now there is another set, these engineers who the Fukushima nuclear plant.  There are 50 of them, working while being exposed to unbelievable levels of radiation, just like a doctor or nurse who works on a heart attack patient for over an hour, never giving up hope.  Are these fathers and mothers, grandparents, newly graduated engineers?  Do they even know the fate of their families and homes after the Tsunami?  They must know they’re giving their lives to stop the meltdown.  This whole experience is just drawn from a disaster movie.  Those things just weren’t ever supposed to happen.  Now, they happen every year it seems.  These people remind me of the characters from “Armageddon,”  just your average Joe, who is now charged with saving many.  What can you say about people who do that?  Hero is not a big enough word. 
Here is an NPR article regarding these heroes.  God speed to them.

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