March 3, 2011

Call ME: Land Line, Cell Phone, E-mail, Etc.

Unbelievably, I’ve entered another new stage of my life.  I’ve begun to work outside the home again.  While I’m at home waiting for Little John ripening a little bit more before I can let him loose, I’m substitute teaching.  
I’m so excited to finally work in my field again, and every once in a while I am able to teach a Social Studies class.  It just makes my week when that happens.  Unfortunately, I rarely interact with the teachers I work for, which brings me to this post.  I need to leave my contact information in case they have a question and I rather not leave it in my horrible scrawl.  Calling cards are my answer.  I came across How about Orange, a lovely blog, which not only had calling cards, the calling cards have a Kurbits print and they are orange.  Just two of my favorite things. 

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