February 27, 2010

Did You See That One?

I HATE commercials, rarely in my life do I like to sit down and watch a commercial.  Then these commercials came around and I love them so much that I’m writing a blog about them.  There is something amiss in this world.

My family has really enjoyed the Olympics, and what can be funnier than grown-ups having a snowball fight.

Then there are the P & G Mom commercials.  Lately, as a Mom I think, I’m really gaining a deeper understanding what a marathon this is and how encompassing it is.  Don’t get me wrong, I got it when my little girl was born, but now that we are running to practices, dance lessons, piano lessons, working on homework, dealing with bullies, changing diapers, trying hard to fit in playtime, and make a nutritious meal every once in a while, I’m getting it on a much deeper level.  A commercial is successful when it connects to you and boy does this one get to me:

Then they had to go and make this one:

Where did I put that tissue?

1 comment:

hurstburst said...

The first one is just too cute, but the second two - wow! those really get to you don't they?! The woman at the end going "that's my baby!"!!! So good!!