December 3, 2009

My Garden

Lotta, from Lottas Trätdgård, asked me about my garden, what must be forever ago.  I went outside and took some lovely photos.  Which, I have to say, just seemed pretty dreary in late October, but now that it is December, it looks so warm and inviting.  It just a lesson, I need to learn, love the place and time that you are in, you’ll miss it when it’s gone.  I’m sure the heavy cold drops of rain that are falling tonight will be nostalgic at some point in my life…well maybe.

Lotta, so you know, I live in a new housing development, so everything from the grass, and even some of the dirt has been brought in over the last three years, much of it by my husband and myself.  Now that I’ve said that, I’m pretty happy.  There is a TON of more work to do, but it is coming along and starting to come together.  So here is the peak at my garden.



PS the birch gives me a taste of home, I hope to have two more in the upcoming years.


Skylar said...

What a beautiful garden! My mom has a garden and she loves putting herbs in all of her dinners!

hurstburst said...

what a lovely post! I need to be more in the moment too!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh how I miss fall, lol. And to think winter just began *sobbing*