September 21, 2009

So how much candy did you get????



Cleveland has this little gem of a store off of Interstate 480, it is called b.a. Sweetie Candy company. I think every known American Candy is within it’s walls. There are the typical M&M’s, Jelly Bellies, and the more exotics such as clove gum and candied crickets. Yes, the crickets were real.

I was in the neighborhood, and since I have two birthday parties, Halloween (our neighborhood has to have 200+kids) and a little decorating project all in the next month, I decided to take my kids and a friend to the Candy Store.

So, here is the loot…


Do you think we need anymore candy in the near future? I’m sure I spent less than if I had gone to Target. I am sure, that this year, trick-or-treaters won’t get the run of the mill candy from us. That has to be worth something right?

Oh and by the way, here is my little decorating project that was the primary reason for the trip.



hurstburst said...

Ah-ha! I was wondering where all those green apple yummies that have made their way to my house came from! Love the jars!

Mamma Look said...

Don't send me the dentist bill