September 30, 2009

Harry Potter Cupcakes

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It’s Pumpkin’s 9th birthday tomorrow.  To celebrate I’m taking in cupcakes for the 23 kids, and their teacher.  These are the famous Weasleys’ Every Flavor cupcakes, that I’m bringing to her class to celebrate her birthday tomorrow afternoon.  They are decorated with the Gryffindor colors and the Every Flavor jelly beans (from Harry Potter) for decoration.  I wonder which kid is going to find the ear wax bean.  Aren’t they cute?
DSCF5102 I digress, as I was finishing up the cupcakes, I realized my rows didn’t match.  I counted up my cupcakes, and there is one missing!!!  Somebody snuck down this evening and had a snack.  Now using my NCIS training, I’ve discounted Sport, since he is much more of a follower in these types of matters.  Since the baby isn’t crawling, that leaves Pumpkin.  I believe she had the motive and the means to commit the crime.  So now the question is, since there isn’t enough for all the kids and the teacher, do I make the birthday girl give her cupcake to the teacher. Or do I  let her think I didn’t catch her and let her enjoy her sneakiness.  I’m leaning towards not letting her know that I know there are 23 cupcakes instead of 24.  But then there is the chance that she will enjoy a life of crime because I didn’t stop her now.  I hope she gets the ear wax bean :-)


hurstburst said...

Eww!! Santa brought Jeff a box of Every Flavor jelly beans for Christmas once, and I was really scared of getting that ear wax one. "Grass" was surprisingly good though....

I say let it go - who could blame her for not being able to resist those beautiful cupcakes?!

J. Miller said...

You should have asked her what flavor beans were on her midnight snack!! Then she will know you know, but you didn't upset her on her birthday. And who knows, maybe someone will be sick today and there will be plenty. Did you know they got a new kid this week?