May 6, 2009

Chippewa Lake Park

Circa 1900’s, because of Industrialization the middle class began earning enough cash that they were able to spend a little money on entertainment. A popular past time during the weekend was taking a train out to the country and picnicking. Eventually many of those places turned into amusement parks. Coney Island, Cedar Point, Idyllwild and Chippewa Lake Park are just a few places that saw their start that way.

Chippewa Lake is right around the corner from us. For a hundred years it entertained people around the area, and then it closed its doors in 1978 and the woods took it over. The ballroom was a happening joint, apparently Lawrence Welk’s first broadcast originated from Chippewa. There was a hotel, roller coasters, a steam boat, and much more on the property. The old park is in the process of being cleared for a new resort. On the weekends, the property owners are allowing people to visit the site and take a look at the rusted remains, and we did just that last weekend. Here are some of the photos that we took, it’s just amazing how quickly and thoroughly the woods took it over in just 30 years.

The old entrance sign

Sport by the old roller coaster

The Ferris Wheel and landing dock

The kids just having a "blast"

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hurstburst said...

Great pictures! We gotta get there too!