January 3, 2010

Almost made it to the Epiphany


It used to be that decorations were put up closer to Christmas and stayed up past New Years until Epiphany I believe, unfotunatly that’s not the cast anymore.  Once Thanksgiving rolls around, the marathon starts and you hardly take a breath until Christmas.  At that point you are just TIRED of Christmas and can’t wait to put it all away.  Usually, I try to get everything packed up by the second or the third.  But since the kids are going back on the fourth I didn’t want to waste a day packing everything away.  This year I’m almost going to make it to the Epiphany.  Tomorrow, the fourth, the decorations go away for another year.  Tonight, I’m going to have a glass of glogg and enjoy the lights for one more night. 


Jayne said...

And when you are all finished, if you miss the pretty lights and the tree you can go and stare at mine. Not gonna come down until NEXT Sunday!

hurstburst said...

I LOVE these stars in your windows! You should at least leave those up all winter!

Mine all got packed away today - good ridence!