October 12, 2009

An Award, who me???

My first award, and I don’t think any other will ever mean the same.  My friend, Hurst burst, just game me the “You are my sunshine” award and said the kindest things about me.  I’m speechless, really they were some of the nicest compliments I’ve ever gotten.  Go check her blog out, she has the greatest stories and makes me laugh daily.  In fact, she is pretty good at spreading sunshine herself.


So it is my turn to bestow the sunshine award, the best that I can.  As far a crafting website goes, Little Cotton Rabbits deserves this award.  Every time, I visit her site, I am amazed by her talent and inspired.  In fact, her Knitted Cupcake pattern decoration, inspired me to embellish a t-shirt for my daughter with a knitted heart.  Two Valentines later, she still adores it. I can’t wait to make the cupcake someday.

Every time I look at Lotta’s garden, I smile.  The photos are always beautiful, and let’s me get a taste of home every once in a while.  And to top it off, I have a chance to practice my Swedish with every one of her posts.

Karen, at And So I Sew, makes me smile.  I love the glimpses into her life, it reminds me how I want to parent, and she even has time to sew.  Her sewing Pledges for 2009, made me laugh, because in my mind I have the same goals.  I hope she reaches her goals. 

Lastly, there is Overseas Living.  I love to read this blog, it reminds me how wonderfully exciting the whole world is.  Through her eyes you get to see the craziest things, then the next day she’s busy parenting her children, just like any other American mother.  It’s a big adventure, that I have the privilege to see through her blog.

Ladies, thank you for filling my life with sunshine, I really feel honored to peak into your lives.


hurstburst said...

Aaawwwwhhhh! So sweet! Thank you!

These blogs sound really cool. I'm gonna check these ladies out!

Lotta 8`) said...

Hejsan! Förstår att du kan läsa/förstå svenska, så därför skriver jag på svenska, för min engelska är inte så bra :)
Tack för awarden, så vänligt av dig, också för dina vänliga ord om min blogg, det gör mig glad! Jag tar gärna emot den och kommer ge den vidare till andra kära blogvänner.

Du har en trädgård? Några bilder på hur den ser ut?

Söta barn du har :) Den minsta är endast 7 månader - så liten ;)

Våra döttrar är 20 och 18 år, så stora de blivit nu.

Ha en bra vecka,