June 24, 2009


This is the story of my garden, partially written to answer my neighbors who are asking,"Why did she plant her garden in mid-June at 9 p.m.?" Here is the tale:

So this was the year I was going to put in a little garden. I had a beautiful garden at our old house a few years ago, and it is time once again to have our own Victory Garden. The spring chores had another idea, after a few additional beds, lots of mulching, planting, soccer games, end of school events, and a new baby April and May disappeared.

Then much to my surprise, in early June after I told my husband that it was getting to late for a garden, he rented a tiller and prepped my new garden.

It was way to late to start plants from seeds, but the next week the kids and I stopped at Hirt's Greenhouse on the way home from swim lessons to pick up a few plants. A friend had mentioned the greenhouse, and she was completely right the place was amazing. Talk about an incredible variety of everything. The amount of tomatoes was overwhelming, and suddenly Sport became enthusiastic about peppers. So with about 10 different types of peppers and two other trays with plants inside our little Mazda 5 the kids and I went home all excited about the garden.

Then the brakes hit. Mastitis with 102 degree temperature attacked me for three days. I was completely useless. I could barley feed the baby let alone plant a garden, let me tell you I was sick!!! I don't remember being in this much pain after my C-sections. However, my mother reassures me I was indeed in that much pain just so doped up I can't remember it. After several good doses of antibiotics, I felt better by Tuesday night. That night after putting the kids to bed, I looked outside at my tiny baby plants who were struggling to be alive and decided I had to plant them. So at 9 p.m. and a storm brewing, I planted our tomatoes, pumpkins, lettuce, squash, beans, cucumbers and don't forget the peppers. I was putting the garbage away when the first drops of rain hit.

This is what it looks like, I'm hoping that we see something out of this garden. We at least tried, and next year there will at least be a garden to start with.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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hurstburst said...

I'm going to continue to happily water it whenever I think it needs it. Hey, it can't hurt it right? lol! =}