April 7, 2009

April Fool's

My daughter LOVES April Fool's day, just loves it, partially because it lands on her "half birthday." So, I think somewhere deep inside her little mind it is all about her.

This year I was going to make it special because we have Pumkin's four-week-old baby brother around, and I wanted to make sure she felt a little special. Now Buddy, my five-year old, really doesn't care one way or another, I thought this would be the year for him.

I packed up my recipes, made a special trip to the store and destroyed my kitchen for our lovely dinner of "Chicken Pot Pie" with a "Berry Pie" for dessert.

Meanwhile, Pumkin ended up coming home from school with a fever and an upset belly, which of course we found out later was strep. I finished up diner, the chicken pot pie was so convincing, that my husband wasn't sure I had gone through with the prank. I was still excited, thinking this would make my sick daughter feel better.

So when I dished up our lovely dinner, Pumkin had her head on the table and was groaning. Her brother, thought a miracle had happened and vegetables had started tasting like candy, but was grossed out when he found out the vegetables were indeed candy. The idea of pudding instead of chicken pot pie, whigged him out and he just couldn't get his head around the idea that the pie was meatloaf and it was OK to eat it. So he stopped eating, which left my husband and I to enjoy our meatloaf pie and pudding pie.


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Jen said...

OMG, you are so stinkin' creative! Your blog is definitely going in my favorites. :)